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Current Whereabouts
April 1, 2014

This site isn't updated too often at the moment, but I'm still around. These days I'm most active on my Soundcloud, my Twitter, and my Tumblr.

Pronounced 'Scissor Kicks', XYZR_KX is Jon Monteverde, Chicago-based indie-rock/electro-pop wunderguy. With this project, Monteverde redefines the boundaries of the traditional pop song by simultaneously incorporating hushed vocals, serrated guitars, and chaotic beats.

"One-man band Jon Monteverde includes a cast of contributors in his latest indie-electronica opus, which ranges in sound from metal-machine free jazz to Star Wars droids talking to ambient sounds off the street to what might be acoustic Tropicalia. It's hard to pin down Monteverde into any genre, but the one constant is his vocals. When he chooses to sing, he shows the same delicacy as Ben Gibbard and the same soul as Tae Won Yu. Enigmatic yet pleasing."
- Giant Robot

"More passion than purity, more brash than composed, the sound… explodes out of the speakers."
- Grooves Magazine

"Essential lo-fi bliss for anyone sick of cloying emo lyrics and cut-up juxtaposition."
- Illinois Entertainer

"Quietly earnest folk-pop, narcoleptic electronica... jaw-dropping power."
- Splendid Magazine

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